Bell Schedule

Listen to Radio KONP 1450 AM for school closure updates or check www.portangelesschools.org.

NOTICE: ​ Half days at Lincoln High School run from 8:30 am - 11:30 am. Class schedules vary depending on the number of half days in a week.

Daily Schedule (M, T, Th, F)

1st 8:30a - 9:40a
2nd 9:45a - 10:50a
3rd 10:55a - 12:00p
Lunch 12:00p - 12:30p
4th 12:35p - 1:40p
5th 1:45p - 2:55p

Late Start (Wednesday)

1st 9:30a - 10:20a
2nd 10:25a - 11:10a
3rd 11:15a - 12:00p
Lunch 12:00p - 12:30p
Advisory 12:35p - 1:20p
4th 1:25p - 2:10p
5th 2:15p - 2:55p