Spring Break Still Scheduled for April 6 - 10

Spring Break Still Scheduled for April 6 - 10
Posted on 04/03/2020
Spring Break Still Scheduled for April 6 - 10

April 3, 2020

Dear Families,

Spring Break for Port Angeles School District is next week, Monday, April 6 through Friday, April 10. Previously, we asked students and families to treat the week of March 16th as their Spring Break. During that time, teachers were busy working to build the foundation of our distance learning program. While it seems as if nothing is normal right now, we are honoring this Spring Break date and asking the majority of our staff members to unplug and embrace this important break. We invite you to do the same with your families.

Our meal service will continue for children during the break, Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 1pm at all school sites and throughout the community. Please check our website at www.portangelesschools.org for further details. Our community partners will also continue their childcare programs during the week as well. We are so appreciative to our staff members from Nutrition Services, Transportation, AmeriCorps, and throughout our district who make this essential service possible for our community.

Our elementary leadership reports the following:

Our elementary students have had a productive week learning how to use the new tools and technology, and we are grateful for the support our families have given to this process. Our staff provided options in your child’s Google Classroom for resources you can use during Spring Break to continue to engage your children in learning opportunities. These opportunities are designed to be done without staff support, as teachers have been encouraged to take this time to focus on their families and give themselves grace to recharge for the busy months ahead.

When we return on April 13th you can expect to have your child’s Core learning opportunities for the week posted by 8am on Monday. This will include two math tasks and two English/Language Arts tasks with the expectation of 3-4 hours of engagement, designed to be spread out over the week to fit each family’s different structure and needs. Teachers will be available throughout the week to contact with questions and concerns and to have opportunities to connect with each student. Teachers may also post optional enrichment tasks later in the week for students that would like to extend their learning in different ways. Our PE, music teachers, and counselors will also have content available for students to engage in our elective offerings. The intent of providing this weekly framework of posting Core learning opportunities on Monday allows families flexibility to engage with the Google Classroom platform in a manner that meets the needs of each household.

Our secondary leadership (7th- 12th grade) reports the following:

Thank you to all of our students and families for all that you have done to get through the last three weeks. We appreciate your patience and flexibility. Next week is our calendared Spring Break. Our staff is looking forward to taking time to focus on their families; we hope that you will enjoy the break, as well.

Grading of Second Semester Schoolwork for PAHS, Lincoln High School, and Stevens Middle School –

Due to the statewide emergency interruption of regular schooling and the subsequent transition to distance learning delivery of instruction, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction has recommended that schools use Pass or No Credit (P/NC) as final grades for all second semester classes. Grades of P/NC will appear on a student’s final transcript; however, they will not affect the student’s grade point average. While it is likely that this will be the grading outcome used for all middle and high school classes this semester, a final decision will not be made until it becomes clear that the P/NC grades will be adopted by secondary schools statewide. We want to ensure statewide adoption occurs so that our students are not placed at a competitive disadvantage to students from other schools. In the meantime, teachers are grading assigned work using the traditional A through F grading scale.

This school year continues to present unprecedented challenges. Our amazing staff members continue to build a continuous distance learning program almost from scratch. Every effort is being made to provide a rich learning opportunity to our students, while also recognizing that distance learning does not replace the experience of a student engaging with the teacher and their peers in the classroom.

We will do our best to create a thoughtful and meaningful experience for our students because they deserve nothing less. We appreciate your continued patience as we adapt our instructional delivery model.

Please take care of yourself and each other!